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ESP LTD B-404 Bass

Flaming Maple Body


String-Thru Bass Bridge
Whether you want to increase overall string tension or just "beef up" your string attack, the string-thru option is a big plus. This bridge can be used in either "string-thru-body" or traditional "string from the top" configurations".

5-piece Maple/Walnut Neck
This neck design provides a very solid feel and an improved transfer of tone from the neck to the body. Increased neck stability and performance will man less frequent truss rod adjustments

Double Action Truss Rods
All ESP/LTD guitars and basses feature a 'double-action' truss rod design. Unlike a normal (single) truss rod, this one is adjustable in two different directions. This means that you'll never run into a situation where the neck has 'run out of adjustment'. 

EMG Active Bass Pickups
When the electric bass was invented back in 1950, bass players were just glad to be heard! For decades, these classic designs (like their guitar brethren) remained largely unchanged. Over recent years, however, the electric bass' role has radically changed and instruments and their electronics have profoundly changed as well. Today, basses come fretted and fretless, with 4-, 5-, 6- or more strings, wide and narrow fingerboards, through-body and bolt-on necks, and exotic wood or even composite construction. Playing styles have evolved from plunking out the bottom of chord changes to lead bass and wild slap/thump styles.

ESP LTD B-404 Bass

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