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Triple Crown TC-100 Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

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Rock royalty bows before the next king: the MESA/Boogie Triple Crown TC-100.


The exciting 100-Watt model brings bold authority and amazing control via Multi-Soak Power Attenuation delivering big venue horsepower to the same footprint as our award-winning TC-50, adding only 11 pounds! This full-featured 100-watt Head sits in a sleek chassis that can be rackmounted. Built around 4x EL34s, the TC-100 is designed to feature the best sonic characteristics of rock-inspired amps from the '70s up through today.

Multi-Soak: More Headroom On Stage, More Control At Home


Nothing has the grunt and kick of a 100-watt head, but how useful is all that power without control? The new TC-100 offers punch and aggressive performance, easily tamed with the flick of a switch for home or studio use. Our Multi-Soak Attenuator in each Channel offers five power options, from the full 100-Watts of power and headroom, incrementally descending from 100 to 50, 20, and 7 down to 3-Watts of low power clip-ability, expanding the versatility of each channel exponentially.

Triple Crown TC-100 Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

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